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Waterhauling Services Providing Quality Service Since 1992

E & A’s fleet has over 90 pieces of equipment consisting of Vacuum, Kill, and Hot Oiler Tractors to provide a wide variety of services to our Customers.

Pump Trucks 

  • Chemical Squeeze Jobs 
  • Acid Squeeze Jobs
  • H-5
  • H-15
  • Load and Test 
  • Flush Wells and Flow Lines
  • Jet out Pits 
  • Circulate Wells 
  • Kill Wells 
  • Bleed off Wells
  • Transport

Vacuum Trucks 

  • Pull Vacuum on Wells
  • Haul Fluids 
  • Skim Oil 
  • Pull Bottoms
  • Wash outs 
  • Assist in spill cleanups

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